29.VI-7.VII.2012  NOWE   KAWKOWO


Every day we receive through our senses what happens around us. But our mind is not able to capture all the stimuli that come in, because otherwise we would go crazy overwhelmed with the sensations. Our mind having previous experiences in its store tends to use old patterns, and simplifications. Therefore, the way we perceive reality, to a large extent depends on how much we are mindful, present and settled in the present. And to what extent we are prisoners of our stereotypes and habits. The senses can deceive us and cut off from the world, but they are also our main link with the Life.

So how shall we feel the real, true matter of Life? How to touch its essence?

During the festival: "Senses - gateway to perceiving and experiencing the world" you could feel and taste life with all your senses. Being mindful, present, happy and co-existing with the world around us. Here and Now. In the full presence and awareness of life. In contact with yourself, your body and other people.

Festival combined active leisure with the presentation of short demonstrations of various workshops and schools. It was a review of different methods and ways of development to allow not only refer to your own body , but also to deepen the personal development and show the different paths of spirituality.

It also served dissemination of the latest, global methods and ways of development. It promoted a healthy lifestyle, vegetarianism, openness and tolerance.


The festival was attended by more than 20 Polish , Best therapists such as Wojciech Eichelberger, Renata Arendt-Dziurdzikowska, Ewa Cyzman-Bany, Kama Korytowska, Dawid i Zosia Rzepeccy, Norbert Kulesza, Marzena Barszcz, Julia Wahl and many others.


Classes were held in four different places; halls and workshop tents located in the woods on a beautiful 10 ha clearing,  in the Center for Personal and Spiritual Development in Nowe Kawkowo.  The entire area of the Center  occupies over 40 hectares.  Additionally, in the mornings , participants could  take part in the open for everyone  meditation and physical exercise. In the evenings dance parties, film screenings and performances took place.

Formula of the Festival

  • 4 ?hour Workshops
  • 2-hour Lectures
  • special events (dance parties, film screenings)
  • Morning classes (yoga, meditation, morning start-up of the body)



  • "Be of sound mind" - Wojciech Eichelberger
  • "Our senses and the heart in  our relationships" - Renata Arendt-Dziurdzikowska
  • Bioenergetics  by A. Lowen "The senses of the pelvis" - Marzena Barszcz
  • "The fullness of flavor -  cooking accordng  to  the Five Transformations - Ewa Dobek
  • Body-Mind Centering "Sensual Woman - how to lead a sensual life " - Kama Korytowska
  • "Tantra of  Senses - See" ? Zosia and Dawid Rzepecki 
  • System Settings "Reconciliation with your  Body" - Ewa Renata Cyzman-Bans
  • "Mindfulness - find your way to your  senses" - Julia Wahl and Magdalena Mazurkiewicz
  • Intuitive Painting "A sensual pictre " - Adriana Karim
  • Workshop of  drums playing "Feel the Rhythm" - Kuba Pogorzelski
  • "The Language of Love" - John Parrish
  • "Mindful  yoga" - Maga Korbel
  • Anthropology of  the Senses "Sensalism of  the body" ? Katarzyna  Wala
  • "Exploring the senses in the Osho meditations. Presentation techniques for working with the senses - Norbert Kulesza
  • "Tantra Senses - Hear" - Dawid i Zosia Rzepeccy
  • "Shaping desires -  workshops of modelling in clay" ? Małgorzata Poraszka
  • Anthropology of the Senses "celebration of everyday life" ? Katzrzyna Wala
  • "Tantric meditation of the senses. Vigyan Bhairav ??Tantra- Osho interpretations "- Norbert Kulesza 
  • "Sensuality in Authentic Motion" - Kama Korytowska
  • System Settings "Touching people, things and affairs" - Ewa Renata Cyzman-Bans
  • "Tantra of Senses - Touch" - David and Sophie Rzepeccy
  • "Aromatherapy" - James Dorosz
  • "The sensual world of tea" - Bartholomew Chodyń
  • "I am fullness - the image painted on the body" - Adriana Karim
  • System Settings "Looking  at what you do not want to see and listening to what you do not want to hear - and all for improving eyesight and hearing (of course)." - Ewa Renata Cyzman--Bans
  • "The Tantra of the Senses - Feel" -  Zosia and  Dawid  Rzepecki
  • Drumming Workshop "The rhythm of the senses" ? Kuba  Pogorzelski
  • System Settings "Taste and flavor of Life? (with sexuality in the background, because it makes one appetizing)" - Ewa Renata Cyzman Bans
  • "Touch - what unites us, what divides us" - Kama Korytowska
  • "Dialogue of the Heart" - Kama Korytowska
  • "The Tantra of the Senses - The Sixth Sense" ? Zosia i Dawid Rzepecki
  • System Settings "Guilt of adolescence. Going  toward the new, moving away from the herd, the development "- Ewa Renata Cyzman-Bans
  • Gestalt "pleasure" - Ewa Dobek
  • System Settings "On the perception with  fullness (extrasensory sense), about  perciving with fullness and experiencing with fullness " - Ewa Renata Cyzman-Bans
  • The Groups of  Awakening "Awakening the senses" - Kama Korytowska
  • Bioenergetics by A. Lowen "The senses of the heart" - Marzena Barszcz
  • Homemade cosmetics - Ewa Dobek
  • "Sensory Awareness. Presentation techniques for working with the senses in terms of Osho, Charlotte Selver and Eckhart Tolle "- Norbert Kulesza
  • Tea-Ceramic Workshop "Looking for your own skin - a journey through the tastes, smells, images and shapes" - Bartłomiej Chodyń i Małgorzata Poraszka

Lectures / presentations

  • "Can the skin see? The cultural dimension of sensory perception "- Katarzyna Wala
  • a lecture about the method Mindfulness - Julia Wahl and Magdalena Mazurkiewicz
  • the massage presentation Lomi Lomi Nui - Marta Gierczyńska
  • System Settings "The body, senses and the experience" - Ewa Renata Cyzman-Bans
  • "Intuitive Painting" - Adriana Karima
  • System Settings "Touch, touch, be touched ..." - Ewa Renata Cyzman-Bans
  • a show and tasting of blooming Teas "Journey to the heart of tea" Bartholomew Chodyń? System Settings "seeing and hearing" - Ewa Renata Cyzman-Bans
  • a show of the massage PeLoHa - Marta Gierczyńska
  • System Settings "About eating with taste and for health, also about hunger and eating what is harmful. I cannot help it ?It will be also about fathers "- Ewa Renata Cyzman-Bans
  • cooking according to the Five Transformations - Ewa Dobek
  • a show of the Ma-Uri massage - Jurek Kuzio
  • System Settings "sense of balance and sense of conscience" - Ewa Renata Cyzman-Bans
  • "Who am I in this body? The practice of conscious presence and awakening to to the present "- Kama Korytowska
  • System Settings "Smell" - Ewa Renata Cyzman-Bans
  • a show of brewing Black Dragon tea with its tasting "Journey to the heart of tea" ? Bartłomiej Chodyń
  • "Eyes - the mirror of the soul. What do your eyes express?" - Marzena Barszcz 

Morning Classes

  • Trance run with Wojtek Eichelberger
  • Yoga with Maga Korbel
  • "Silence and Motion" with Kama Korytowska
  • Osho Meditation "The Ring of Power" with Norbert Kulesza
  • "Body & Mind" with Marta Gierczyńska
  • Exercise of Mind with Zosia and Dawid Rzepecki
  • Osho Meditation "Kundalini" with Norbert Kulesza

Evening Events

  • Ceremony of stimulating the Senses ? organized by Zosia i Dawid Rzepecki
  • Lecture / multimedia presentation "The manufacturers of the atmosphere. Sensory Marketing from its background" - Katarzyna Wala
  • "Evening metamorphosis" - Dance party with body painting
  • "Bathing in the sounds ? Concert of gongs and Tibetan bowls - Kuba Dorosz
  • The ritual-dance event "Shiva / Shakti Dance" ? organized by Zosia and Dawid Rzepecki
  • Film projection
  • Jam session and drums party dance ? organized by Kuba Pogorzelski

Individual sessions

  • System Settings - Ewa Renata Cyzman-Bans
  • Gestalt therapy sessions - Ewa Dobek
  • Settings according to Franz Ruppert - Kama Korytowska
  • Individual Sessions by Body-Mind Centering method, Somatic Psychology, and Internal Dialogue - Kama Korytowska
  • Lomi Lomi Nui and Peloha massage - Marta Gierczyńska
  • Traditional massage, relaxation, ayurvedic and stamps massage- Julia Dabrylka
  • Ma-Uri Massage - Jerzy Kuzio

Photographs from the Festival

The workshop and the  lecture of  Wojciech Eichelberger "Be of sound mind":

Workshops  of  Renata Arendt-Dziurdzikowska  "Our senses and the heart in  our relationships":

Workshops and lectures of Ewa Cyzman-Bany Hellinger settings, Katarzyna Wall "The cultural dimension of sensory perception ? Can the skin see?", "Sensory Marketing from its background", "Sensuality of the body?, " Aromatherapy ", " Bath in the  sounds " by  Kuba Dorosz

Workshops and lectures by Kama  Korytowska  "Body Mind Centering - How to live sensually?", "Sensuality in authentic motion?

Workshops of  Ewa Dybek  "The fullness of flavor - cooking according to the Five Transformations," "Gestalt - Pleasure", A. Lowen  Bioenergetics "The senses of the pelvis", "The senses of the heart" by Marzena Barszcz

A show  of  Lomi Lomi and  Peloha massage by Marta Gierczyńska

A dance show by young Zosia Towalska "Dancing with the rose petals"

Dancing on the grass

Drummers in action

Night Ceremony of Sences conducted by Jacek Towalski

Rest between the workshops

Workshops and lectures by  Zosia and Dawid Rzepecki "Tantra Senses - See, Hear, Feel, Touch," "The Sixth Sense" - thank you for the opportunity of using  photos taken by Zosia and  Dawid ,  displayed on the site: www.tantralove.eu


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