"Between East and West - between spirituality and science"
25.VI.2010 - 3.VII.2010

Between the 25th of June and the 3rd of July 2010, our center, Tu I teraz, held the second Festival of the Integration of Body, Mind and Soul - "Between East and West, between spirituality and science?.

The festival, organized by the Centre, was a chance to present the kind of activities we specialize in and host, and opening our doors for the public to really experience the feel of the place, and the people here. We invited those who regularly visit, but there was also many who had never been to ?Here and now? before. For one week the Festival aimed to combine relaxation with the chance to attend short workshops and demonstrations from a variety of schools. By doing this we hoped to open peoples eyes to the wide range of classes avaliable, in order for attendees to make an informed decision and pick the right workshop for them. The festival served as a platform for intergration and understanding and was the ideal opportunity to highlight the latest methods and developments. Together we learnt and had fun in an intimate and open environment.

It was great! Lots of guests, brilliant lectures, and beautiful weather! The ceremonial start of the Second Festival also marked the opening of the exhibition "100 mystics and spiritual teachers of the twentieth century."

During the ceremony ? we asked each of the guests to light a small lamp from the main flame -The lantern symbolized our centre. (as well as One Center, One Source), every participant took their time, taking their own path to enter the pavilion where exhibition of mystics was staged and leave their light before the image of the mystic they feel the strongest affinity to. We feel this aptly summed up the centres ethos - we truly believe that all Roads do lead to One Source

On each day of the festival, from morning to evening we held five workshops and lectures that ran simultaniously. 25 of the best Polish instructors took part in festival, Including Wojciech Eichelberger, Katarzyna Miller, Olga Szwajgier, Beata Eckert and many others. The workshops lasted for 4, 6 and 8 hours and the lectures ran for 2 hours.

In the morning there was a chance to participate in yoga classes, meditation and conscious breathing and to begin and end each day, at sunrise and sunset Agnihotra was burned in our stone circle. You can see some photos from the classes below. You can find more at "gallery-II Festival."

We can hold classes at five different locations within the Center. There is the main hall, workshop pavilion, tent and two yurts (white and green).

In addition to the day time activities, there was a chance in the evenings to attend several activities. Some examples are:

1. Listening to Drumming and joining in with dancing to the music of Freedance

2. Go mad with Beata Eckert at the "Evening of 5 rhythms madness" 
3. Catch a movie about spirituality on our full screen projection.
4. Listen to a concert and lecture by Tibetan monks and participate in their blessing, in the temple of all religions

5. Listen to "bath in the sounds of Tibetan bowls and gongs" Cuba Doroshenko
6. Watch master tai-chi demonstrations performed by Mariusz Sroczyński

7. Listen to a recital copyright Apollinaris Polka
8. Take your time to view our "100 mystics and spiritual teachers of the twentieth century"

For the enjoyment of our guests there were a variety of mini-shops running during the festival selling Ayurvedic products, Tibetan products and books.

And of course there was plenty of well-earned rest the between activities:

The objectives of the Second Festival:

1. Firstly a chance to open our doors to others at the Center for Personal Development and Spiritual "Here and Now" in Nowe Kawkowo and present out dedication to the cause of integrating Body, Mind and Spirit.
2. The Presentation of new methods and ideas, that are little known in Poland.
3. Experience spirituality (Zen meditation, Osho dynamic meditation, vipassana, meditation-oriented process, mindfullness, meditation, Christian meditation labyrinth, a non Duality).
4. Welcoming people into the community and concepts such as:
- Personal and spiritual development
- Open methods of spiritual search
- Exploring the Relationships between science / quantum physics and spirituality, presented through the medium of film and centering around the book "What the bleep we know?"
- Pure Party (the joy of dancing and fun without alcohol and "amps")
5. Promotion of healthy lifestyles, vegetarianism, openness and tolerance.


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