1. Standing in the Light (Marta Emitt and Robert Osborn)
2. One Breath - a workshop for couples (Marta Emitt and Robert Osborn)
3. The Pelvic Heart Integration. (Marta Emitt and Robert Osborn)

About the Facilitators


We have been working, living, and loving together ever since we first met 35 years ago.

Robert first learned Tantric practices from Nityander in Boulder, Colorado in the late 1970’s, and began incorporating Tantric philosophy into his university teaching as an English Romantics and Theatre Arts lecturer.  Robert has a basic training in Dramatherapy, and we both have extensive experience of working in theatre. 

We met John Hawken of SkyDancing Tantra UK in 1993, and immediately fell in love with his work and his approach to Tantra.  We went on to work for many years as his apprentices and co-teachers.   Our Tantra teaching is strongly based on what we learned from him during that period. 

My first encounters with Tantra were through the teachings of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (later called Osho). It was not until some fifteen years or so after my first experiences in Boulder that we discovered Margot Anand's SkyDancing Tantra as a practical path into tantra for Westerners, and joined the Sacred Couple Training that John Hawken and his former partner, Monika, then led together.

John Hawken's teaching has been inspirational, life-changing, for both of us. Tantra began to irradiate every corner of our lives -- not only our personal growth and our marriage, but every aspect of our working, teaching, writing, and family life. We later had the gift of an invitation to work at Hazel Hill Wood. Out of this has been born Celtic Tantra, a cycle of workshops in which we celebrate the eight gateways in the Celtic year -- from Samhain in the autumn to Lammas in the summer

In 2012, we met Deborah Taj Anapol, who introduced us to Pelvic Heart integration, a transformative process involving breath practices, Gestalt dialogue, and intimate bodywork.   Deborah encouraged us to explore this work more deeply and to train with her as practitioners.    We continued training and co-teaching with her until her death in summer of 2015.   We are now committed to continuing this aspect of her work, and offer Pelvic Heart workshops and individual Pelvic Heart sessions. 

Our approach to Tantra connects contemporary Western Tantra with our native Celtic traditions.  Tantra teaches us about our potential as sexual Energy-Beings.  Native traditions teach us about the relations between the human, and natural Worlds.  In all our work, we weave together these complimentary ways of understanding the world and our place in it.

We run three main kinds of workshop.  Our seasonal workshops celebrate the eight great gateways in the Celtic year, attuning our human energy to the energy of the natural world at that time. Our Couples work is about bringing the quality of celebration into our daily life together.  In our couples' workshops we bring together not only our long experience of Tantra as a profound tool for intimacy and transformation, but also our practical knowledge of what it means to live creatively as couple, and our over 30 years’ experience of our own partnership.   The Pelvic Heart work explores the most intimate journey of all: the inner journey towards integration of masculine and feminine, pelvis and heart, within the self.

robert and marta springtime


Contemporary mainstream western culture is a culture which has exiled itself from its natural roots, and mistaken exile for freedom. Celtic Tantra workshops are about coming home to relationship and integration, connecting more deeply both with our own natural vitality as loving, sexual beings, and with the nourishing earth to whose rhythms we were once so deeply attuned. The journey we travel with you is a journey of integration, as the poet Wordsworth puts it, “Felt in the blood, and felt along the heart.”

We run three main kinds of workshops:

  • The Celtic Gateway workshops are seasonal, and  follow the cycle of festivals traditionally celebrated  by our ancestors throughout northern Europe. At their heart is the quest to restore and deepen our connection with our primary relationship, which is with nature.   They are suitable for both singles and couples.
  • The Couples’ workshops are for partners whose desire is integration with the beloved, and who wish to deepen their relationship at every level — sex, heart and spirit, experiencing the dance between self and other as the dance between man and woman, masculine and feminine, Shakti and Shiva.
  • The Pelvic Heart Integration workshops (PHI) involve the most intimate journey of all –- the inner journey towards integration of the masculine and feminine,  the yin and the yang, and the pelvis and heart,  within the self.


1. Standing in the Light

This session will be exploring how you can tune into and be inspired by the sun at its zenith in this time just after the summer solstice. We will be inviting you to stand in the light of your own truth and authority, to claim your right to pleasure, to be seen as the Tantric being you truly are. Through breath, movement and meditation, we open the body and the spirit to the light of the summer sun. This session is open to both individuals and


2. One Breath - a workshop for couples

This session will be an opportunity to meet your partner as an energy being, and to connect in a deeply intimate way through breath and focused energy flow. We will be using breathing techniques and gentle touch to bring you into a space of heartfelt, body centered connection.


3. The Pelvic Heart Integration.

We will be introducing you to the Pelvic Heart breath cycle as a practice, inviting you to experience how the breath can make you feel safe and secure, fully nourished, fully in your power, and able to totally let go in free and ecstatic release. This session is open to both individuals and couples. The Pelvic Heart Integration workshops (PHI) involve the most intimate journey of all –- the inner journey towards integration of the masculine and feminine, the yin and the yang, and the pelvis and heart, within the self.



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