Piotr Pałagin


1. It is prohibited to be a man!
2. Where does the desire dwell?
3. Sexual astrology
4. Sufi dance

About the Facilitators

Psychotherapist, physician, coach, homeopath and astrologer. He works in unconventional way. Above any rules and norms, he considers the laws of nature and the voice of the soul.

He looks at a man holistically and the methods that he has elaborated, heal both body and psyche. In 1988 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Medicine II, and in 1991 from The Soviet-American Academy of Psychotherapy. He also completed courses in homeopathy under the direction of Professor Popova (Kiev, 1990), and in 2005 at the Association of Homeopaths in the UK. Since 1991, Piotr Pałagin has worked as a therapist. Many years of experience has allowed him to develop a complete therapeutic method that acts on four aspects of the human being: physical, etheric (energy), astral (subconscious) and mental (conscious). Thanks to his method, Pałagin is successful in the treatment of diseases of body and soul.


1. It is prohibited to be a man!

We will talk about the crisis of masculinity in the West, the aggression and power in men being supressed and about how to breed young boys. How to go from a boy to a mature man? How to grow up to be a father? How to become a man? How to go from eternal lover to husband and family head?

Men are getting weaker. This phenomenon acts not only against themselves, but also against women. Against the male-female relationship, against family, social and state life.

You do not have to be a very keen observer to notice that there are two sexes on Earth. A woman is about the right to emotion and freedom of feelings. Men is completely different. Everything that is connected with acting is his domain.

Men are mainly attracted and inspired to act and manifest their strength. And if they keep on encountering the bans and orders and they do things by courtesy, and they do nto do things they really care for it, then something in them breaks up and the depression or self-aggression begins. A male depression begins in the abdomen - in the center of strength and power. The man stops doing anything, he lies the couch and says: I’ve tried everything, but it doesn’t work. Or he becomes aggressive. Or both ... "


2. Where does the desire dwell?

Sex is something that connects a man and a woman .. But it may be something that separates them … Does the desire dwell in the head or in the body? The role of sex initiation. Sexual rhythms. Sexual energy. Sex, money and spirituality.

Many people identify sex with a body-engaging activity. Actually, the matter is much more complicated, because sex also affects our psyche, the subconscious, the consciousness. And all this together affects the sexual behavior. The rules we set in our relationship, what we do consider to be allowed and what is not.


3. Sexual astrology.

The astrology describes human behavior through symbols. Moreover, the way we perceive sex, our sexual preferences or longings – it can all be found in our horoscope, too. We have 2 sex domains: the sexuality at the physiological level, in other words, at the level of human physical receptors (there are 4 types of basic types ). They can be easily determined astrologically.

The second domain is the eroticism, or the way human acts, his life scenario, the images that accompany his sexual needs. This is related to the planet Venus in 4 elements and gives 4 types of human erotic types.


4. Sufi dance

It is a dynamic meditation in the Sufi tradition, in the view of Gurdjieff's mysticism, consisting in a set of meditation and movement exercises. The main element is spinning, so that we can concentrate on ourselves and notice blockages and inconveniences in the body (in the muscles, joints, spine). During the workshop we will work to overcome these blockages and fears connected with the body. We will get to know the relation of one's body with space.



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