Agata Loewe


1. Painting your own map of sexual desires (for everybody)
2. Sensorium - Vanilla kink - workshop on fulfilling sexual fantasies (for everybody)
3. Playfighting or fun in the fight
4. Ceremony of Anger
5. Reflection in the mirror - what our body feels


  1. 1. What does work with human sexuality concern? Directions overview. Forms of sexological work and types of sexperts.
  2. 2. Introduction to kink for beginners, i.e. the lecture on fulfilling sexual fantasies.

About the Facilitators

I graduated from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw (Clinical Psychology and Social Psychology of Intercultural Relations) and from the Institute for Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, where I received a PhD. In 2014 I also completed a postgraduate 4 year course in Systemic Family Therapy at the Center for Systemic Training in Cracow. I am currently in the process of getting a SexCoachU certificate from dr Patti Britton and dr Robert Dunlap in Los Angeles. For the last six years I have been working in non-governmental organizations concerned with equalizing opportunities for people exposed to social exclusion and those promoting mental, reproductive, and sexual health (Campaign Against Homophobia, Ponton, IGLYO, Trans-Fuzja, YouAct). I specialize in research on sex/gender, gender identities, sexual orientation, sexual preferences, and alternative lifestyles.


1. Painting your own map of sexual desires (for everybody)

Most of us unreflectively carry on with our lives. We have bigger or smaller ideas on our future. On what's important for us, what do we care about. Often, based on previous experiences - including sexual experiences – we strive to reach our goals or we try to avoid failures and making the same mistakes.

Painting the map of sexual desires is a positive experience of affirming what's present, sending intentions to the universe and creating ideal tomorrow. We'll discuss how we set our goals, what blocks us in our sexual life and how we can release, make real or prepare for peaceful acceptance of "here and now".

Activities are based on PSE program (Personal Sexological Experience). Its structure has been developed and modified since 1960's by the Institute of Advanced Studies for Human Sexuality in San Francisco. The purpose of this program is to gain knowledge about one's own sexuality in order to serve clients in a more conscious and effective manner. The foundation is an affirmation of one's own sexuality (just the way it is - and for everybody it is special). Getting to know it is a potentially positive, joyful and enriching experience. I believe that each person or couple should find theirown unique, individually suited scheme of functioning. I want you to experience as fulfilling and as good sexual life as possible.


2. Sensorium - Vanilla kink - workshop-loewe on fulfilling sexual fantasies (for everybody)

What's kink? How to explore different dimensions of touch? How to introduce elements of play and fantasies into our erotic-sensual-sexual repertoire?

We'll discuss rules and boundaries and then we'll explore different types of kink with the perspective of fulfilling erotic fantasies. This workshop engages the body.


3. Playfighting or fun in the fight

Have you ever heard of Playfighting?

Playfighting is on the one hand an erotic fitness, as well as a sense of strength and power, and on the other it is fun filled with laughter, joy and sweat. You can play the same fight with friends and, in more sensual circumstances, with the lovers, but above all you can fully benefit from the advanatages of this body-oriented technique.

What is Playfighting?

Playfighting enables to work the qualities like strength and dynamism without the destructive aspects of real fighting. The playfighting is not about anger, it's not about winning or losing and it's certainly not anything you can associate with Fight Club!

Instead, imagine puppies playing and flirting – this is all the playfighting is about. It is not about being opponents, but about having fun together. We learn about our own borders and how to set limits. You will have a lot of laugh which can be wonderfully delicious and can taste sexy.

Playfighting allows us to feel our own and others' strength, to feel our physical aspect in a unique, cheerful way.

During Playfighting, we will open a safe space to experience topics, situations and emotions that we do not have the opportunity to look at in other circumstances. In the way you play in the fight, you can discover a new way to enter into relationships with other people.

Together we will explore:

  • Basic Playfighting
  • Consent and Borders - You are the Power
  • What is Fun in Playfighting?
  • Physical strength - yours, mine and how we are different
  • Redirects
  • Push, Pull and Maintain Balance
  • How to introduce a toy in the fight to the relationship.

Practical information:

Introduction to Playfighting is open to anyone - regardless of age, gender, sex, etc. No previous experience with Kink or conscious sexuality is required. You do not need any martial arts knowledge. You only need to have that mobility to engage in standard daily physical activity.


4. Ceremony of Anger

You live in the belief that negative emotions are not / should not / should not be expressed / shown / lived. Sometimes someone makes you angry, sometimes you get upset, sometimes you get sulk at the world that it is not going your way. You could lightly and carelessly decide when and how you get angry - but probably you never will, because there is no time, or you will not care to show how the situation affected you. Especially in close relationships - you are able to explain to yourself why someone behaved in a particular way.

During the Ceremony of Anger we will create safe conditions to live all those suppressed, unaccepted emotions. We will see where your anger resides, what does it tell you and how, unsuspected, it comes out of you in an unnoticed, unconstructive and sometimes even unconscious way.

We will also see who is the receiver of it- whether people to whom we can easily express our dissatisfaction are the adequate recipients of these messages.

During the workshop there will be an opportunity to shout, shake, cry, bite, knock out, express the anger, frustration, irritation, resentment, sarcasm, irony, smiles with clenched teeth, throat or fists.

We will feel for a moment just like children who are given the right to feel what they do without judgement, without reasoning. We will take care of these inner child of ours, we will be exasperated for all the injustices of this world, we will finally cover them up, get back in touch with our inner child, who often needs to be comprehensive, must know how to behave, has to keep silence. This spontaneous kid teamed up with with a controlled regulator give insight into the richness of inner experiences, which can be expressed externally while you keep on manifesting calm and remaining truthful to oneself regardless the situation.


5. Reflection in the mirror - what our body feels

During this meeting I will invite a group to hold space for anyone who wishes to enter into the process of working with his/her body (the physical one and also the subtle one), his/her individual, unique story, the story that took place under the skin and on its surface. Everyone will be able to meet with oneself and drown in full acceptance of nakedness or allow themselves to be caught in the eyes of others and go on a special journey to positive affirmation of their imperfections, complexes, internal messages from the past. A journey toward a full acceptance of one’s body which is already exactly what it should be - perfect, beautiful and transpersonal.



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