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1. The Sacred Womb blessing- workshop for women
2. The combination of heart and sexuality-working with the chakras

About the Facilitators

Personal development coach, sociologist, therapist, holistic techniques practitionner, music therapy practitionner, journalist. She graduated from the Institute of Applied Social Sciences, including a three-year specialization: Social and Therapeutic Support. She has also completed a three years’ training in Music Therapy and Psychodrama Institute, two-year post-graduate journalism course at the University of Warsaw, a mindfulness meditation course led by Australian psychotherapist Ivan Milton.


1.The Sacred Womb blessing- workshop for women

The temple of life, a pulsating center of creation, inner universe -the womb- the sacred space of the woman's body, in which all men began their life.

A conscious contact with this extraordinary place in our body gives us the opportunity to immerse deep in oneself, connect with our essence. It's like stepping into a dark cave full of treasures. Embracing with caring awareness all emotions, and in particular those difficult that we tend to suppress. Understanding the different aspects of one’s femininity, recognizing and accepting them. Connecting to the center of our power and creativity.

The womb of a woman, keeps the cellular memory on a variety of events throughout life, as well as the life of our female ancestors. This space, which remembers the hurt of disappointment, shame, sexual abuse, judgment of others about our sexuality, body, femininity. Here is the place where the beliefs about being a woman are stored, as well as the programs that may no longer serve our development, blocking the connection with our power, creativity, our beauty awareness or ability to enjoy one’s own body, open to pleasure, sexuality and loveare.

If you do not have contact with this space within your body, you can suffer depression, lack of energy and inspiration in life, experience lower sex drive, being cut off from pleasure, joy and creativity, difficulty in partner relationships, fear of emotional and sexual closeness.

During the workshop we will use the powerful tool of transformation that is our voice and breath. Directing attention to our place of creation, we free the breath and the voice from all that no longer serves us on the path of development.

Cleansing, releasing and transforming what does not serve us anymore, we fully recover ourself. Also we contribute in building a world based on cooperation and respect between all people.

In the second part of the cleansing process, we broaden our consciousness and connect with the center of the Earth, with its pulsating heart, the womb, and we will open for the blessings. Combined with the power of Mother Earth (as Indians call our planet), we feel even more distinctly our power, creativity and divinity.

Being connected to the sacred space of the womb is the way to contact your femininity, a renewal of vitality and regeneration at all levels.

Time: 2 or 3 hours (depending on the duration of other workshops)


2. The combination of heart and sexuality-working with the chakras

During the workshop we will work on harmonizing the work of our main energy centers, called in different cultures chakras or spiral centers. The seven major chakras are situated along the spine, the center channel called Sushumna in yoga. Each of the centers is like a station transceiver, it takes life energy from the "open field " of the universe, converts it to the appropriate frequency, then the life energy flows through a network of energy channels supplying internal organs. The chakras represent the levels of human consciousness, its evolution and connection to the material and the spiritual, or subtle dimensions.

The level of our vital energy, internal organs, the body's immunity and psychological well-being, reveal a lot about the state of the chakras, mental programs and view of reality. During the workshop, we diagnose the current state of our chakras.

We will work with the tools that I have used for almost twenty years in my own practice as well as in workshops and sessions. These techniques will allow us to improve, purify and balance the work of our chakras (I.e breathing techniques, creative visualization, working with voice, elements of yoga). Then we will focus on the work of the center of the heart (the heart chakra) and sexual centers (the root and sacral chakra) as well as the solar chakra. The root chakra is literally the root of our energy, our grounding. The sacral chakra is a place of experiencing emotions, feelings, expression of passion, energy, sexual pleasure, but also creativity. The heart chakra- is the center of love for yourself and others, the center of joy, empathy, compassion. It is a gateway to higher, more subtle centers. The solar chakra - is the identification with our "I", personality, self-esteem, it determines the degree of commitment in relationships with people.

When you first meet someone, you feel a connection to the activity from one, several, or even all the chakras. If it is the sacral chakra which is the most active, the relationship between two people is dominated by lust, passion or sexual attraction. If the solar chakra is also active, there is a desire to meet, to build relationships, the attachment. If the center of the heart is active it means, of course, love (in the beginning it is falling in love, fascination, which is converted or not mature feeling of love).

With a conscious combination of heart and pelvis we will experience a deeper connection with one’s own self. We will feel that the sexual energy is an expression of life energy, and if our heart is involved in the manifestation of this energy in our body, the sexuality takes on a deeper dimension. With the connection of the heart and the pelvis, the heart will become an even better barometer, which will also prompt us, whether we are ready for sexual closeness with another person.



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