Karo Akabal


1. Mystery of Desire
2. Healing Pleasure
3. Eve and Lilith. Reconciliation ritual.

About the Facilitators

Karo Akabal - a guide on the way leading to fulfilled sexuality, connecting the mind, body, emotions and soul; a teacher of intimate communication, sex coach, international peace activist, sexual mystic and a mother of three children. Founder of Sex & Love School - school of evolutionary sexual awareness. In her work she uses healing pleasure, disarming the body, an effective method of transformation of beliefs, work with shadow, rituals, spiritual practices and tools to help integrate the workshop experience into everyday life.


1. Mystery of Desire

The Mystery of Desires is an initiation on the path of conscious sexuality. This is a meeting dedicated to the joyful celebration of Eros power. Through dance, movement, conscious touch, empathic contact and meditation we will embrace the hot energy that sits in our lower abdomen.

The sexual lust is a powerful life force that breaks the dam, destroys the established order and destroys peace. That is why people have always tried to keep their sexuality under control. Almost every spiritual or social order has something to say about sex, and the traces of many ideas for controlling lust remain alive today. And they work from conceal, making us not understand the paths that Eros wanders in our lives.

Why do we get excited by "naughty boys"? Why does violence trigger us? Why under the influence of erotic impulse we lose our head? Does the desire really weaken in long-term relationships?

During the Mystery of Desire you will be able to discover the power of conscious sexuality. And rebuild the connection between the mind, emotions, body and soul so as to enjoy the heat of erotic freedom.


2. Healing Pleasure

Meet Eros Medicine- a vision, a theory and practice of healing pleasure.

Experiencing pleasure can treat inflammation, regulates levels of hormones and neurotransmitters, strengthens the immune system and ... opens the way for lust and orgasms.

The pleasure has a healing power at a deep level. But it is the willingness to take pleasure in high doses that is a challenge for many of us. During this workshop you will learn the practice of increasing your capacity to feel the healing power of erotic pleasure. You will visit the Temple of Pleasure, your private spa for body, mind, heart and soul.


3. Eve and Lilith. Reconciliation ritual.

Eve. According to Biblical tradition, Adam's partner, created from his rib, mother of men. Lilith. In Jewish folklore, the first woman, made of clay, like Adam. Untamed, she escaped from paradise, choosing freedom over submission.

I invite you to the Temple of Love to meet Eve and Lilith, two sides of the moon, two mysteries of feminine nature and sexuality.

Lilith in this meeting represents the aspect of femininity that has been supplanted and judged as sinful in the last few thousand years of human history. It symbolizes freedom, predation, the right to talk about oneself, about the body and the cycle of fertility and above all in sex.

Lilith incorporates the right to show desire and the extraordinary potential of the female body to enjoy pleasure.

In the Temple of Love stands against Eve, who is the archetype of mother, feeder, partner and priestess of the house fire. Eve symbolizes the ability to build lasting relationships, maternity, healing, receiving and giving love,

Eve and Lilith meet in each of us. Each of us wants to express ourselves in our love and sexual life.

In this ritual your inner Eve and your Lilith will face each other to renew the broken covenant. For your good and the whole planet.



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