1. Shiva & Shakti – Tantric Union
2. Kundalini - from Sex to Love & Spirit
3. Tantra LoveWay Energy Transe Dance


1. Life & Love Coaching – individual session
2. Love Coaching – couples session
3. Chakras - Subtle Healing &Alignment

About the Facilitators

Shivani is Tantra Loveway’s founder, she facilitates workshops in Europe and Brazil and LoveWay individual sessions - holistic therapy and Tantra Love Coaching - therapy for couples.

Shivani is an international Tantra teacher and therapist of: OSHO Active Meditations, Primal Breath, Energy Healing Worker, Love Coaching for couples, Loveway individual and holistic therapist. Through Tantra Loveway, with strong inspiration in the visionary mystic OSHO, Shivani shares the space of the heart, the Love vibration, the freedom and joy that Meditation offers towards Life Celebration and Expansion.


1. Shiva & Shakti – Tantric Union

Let´s discover, experience and feel the Tantric Union- the inner meeting of the masculine energy embodied by Shiva & feminine energy embodied by Shakti.

We will explore Shiva & Shakti´s polarities, how we embrace or reject them, how they attract or repel, how they balance, melt and dance, how they unify and expand. Lets contribute to a new paradigm of true and real relationships (where one grows in self-knowledge and partnership, instead of co-dependency), where we include Meditation, Conscious Sexuality and Tantric Union.

Inspired by OSHO, Tantra LoveWay is a path within the space of the Heart, offering you keys to open, awaken, live and explore Meditation, Energy openness, Sexual & Love Energy's Potential and Conscious Spirituality.


2. Kundalini - from Sex to Love & Spirit

This is a chance for you to elevate your sexual energy to a higher level: Love energy and expansion of the Spirit. Discover how you can manage and elevate your own sexual energy towards Love. Get to know how to transform sexual energy into love energy reaching a new stage of expanded consciousness, presence and happiness.

Being free from patterns and limiting beliefs that keep you from living your sex and love life to the fullest! Opening the doors of your mind, body energy, heart, & soul to welcome and expand in Love & Spirit.

Tantra LoveWay is a path within the space of the Heart, offering you keys to open, awaken, live and explore Meditation, Energy openness, Sexual & Love Energy's Potential and Conscious Spirituality. Our work is inspired in OSHO´s Tantra vison and a shamanic influence brings the awareness about Mother Earth in our practice.


3. Tantra LoveWay Energy Transe Dance

In Tantra LoveWay events we share Meditation, dance, celebration, happiness, freedom from patterns, emotional transformation, spiritual growth, awareness, presence, expansion, Tantric dynamics & Love.

Dancing is a powerfull way to enter into Meditation and Transe. Allow the awakening of your energy, dance, breath, open the chakras, feel the body, Forget the dancer, become the dance!



1. Life & Love Coaching - Individual Session

You will have the opportunity to experience and discover your inner being, becoming a witness, opening up to Existence, expanding the heart, creating more space for acceptance, becoming more aware and present in connection with the body and breath. You will be able to release patterns, limiting beliefs and trauma, thus entering the Path of the Heart - LoveWay. We enter the heart space with acceptance and love, working the body, energy and consciousness. We offer paths so you can expand and go deeper, getting rid of conditioning patterns, living your truth and allowing your heart to open and shine. This is a holistic therapy, including Coaching & OSHO therapies: Tantra, Meditation Primal Breath and Bioenergetics, Body Work, Reading and Energy Healing, Chakra Alignment, Quantum Healing, etc.


2. Love Coaching - Couples Therapy

Tantra is the meeting of beings. Tantra opens the heart. Tantra is Union and Joy. Tantra is transformation in Love.

LOVE COACHING sessions for Couples are Tantra sessions specially designed for couples wishing to take one step forward to deepen and enrich their relationship, into new ways of living the energy of Love, the divine communion between male / female principles, entering into Meditation and Sacred Sexuality.

This is an opportunity to enter into a new and real relationship based on love, trough a new paradigm, in which we let the co – dependencies back and really focus on the energy of Love, which creates a bridge between two hearts and two souls.

Long term Couples can rekindle the flame, extinguished over time, they may feel alive again, connecting on a deeper level of love and communion.


3. Chakras: Subtle Healing & Alignment

In this session we enter into the heart space and connect with the energy in a state of presence and awareness. The Energy Reading happens in the space of the heart, getting in tune, heart to heart. It includes breathing techniques and you will be lead to enter in a state of relaxation. In this space we watch energy blockages and imbalances, seeking to restore the free flow of energy in the body, after conditioning release.

Simultaneously an energy cleansing occurs to make way for a new energy to move inside. It is also created a space of openness, trust and relaxation, so that you are able to connect with your own energy. We bring awareness to certain issues that block the free flow of energy in your body.

You will feel the presence and the necessary support so the natural process can happen. This session will put you in contact with the energy centers of your body, with your breath and feelings. You will feel a chakras alignment and a renewal of your energy.



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