David Goodman


1. Creating the Tribe, Meeting One Another
2. Energetic Sensuality
3. To meet and to Love

About the Facilitators

David Goodman and Chiyono are the first teachers to bring Biodanza to Malta. After completing an extensive 4 year training period, they have been teaching weekly classes and in depth workshops in Malta since 2011. Together they have taught Biodanza on the international stage in Andorra, Poland, Brazil, Spain, England, Holland, Costa Rica and Ibiza.

David Goodman's journey has spanned both the scientific and the spiritual world. As a young man he was a martial artist, teaching kick boxing and women’s self-defence. He gained a Doctorate (PhD.) in experimental Physics, then moved on to work as a counsellor and psychotherapist.


1. Creating the Tribe, Meeting One Another

By the end of the festival we hope that this group will feel like your tribe.  Don't wait until day 3 or 4 for this to happen.  Begin now, tonight.. with dance, fun, celebration and encounter.   We will dance to some greatmusic, laugh, meet each other and celebrate.     There will be times of free dance and times of structured encounter so that you have the opportunity to meet as many people as you would like to, in many different ways.  In the
heat of the dance and in the quieter times of connection, you will always be at choice.   Come and dissolve Judgements, see who is here, its OK to just be you.


2. Energetic Sensuality

The energetics of a sensual connection.  An energetic sensual connection is one where the very nearness of the other is physically felt, where the lightest touch has the strongest impact, where an embrace contains an exquisite awareness and honouring of the other.  It requires presence, awareness and physical skills; but these can be learnt.  In this workshop we will develop and practice those skills so that you are able to experience Energetic Sensuality more often. 

Perhaps even for the first time.  It will be a very practical and experiential session.  It will also incorporatemusic, dance and movement as the foundation upon which the techniques can be introduced and practised.


3. To Meet and to Love

You have an incredible capacity to care and to express love. But this essential truth of you can become hidden beneath agenda, feelings of not being good enough and fear of consequence. In this workshop we aim to breathe life back into our capacity to feel and toexperience love. We will begin by rekindling a feeling of belonging. To remember that we are connected to all of humanity, with a common desire to be seen and feel loved exactly as we are. No need to change a thing, no need to be someone else, just to see our own beauty as it is in this moment.

When our heart opens to recognise the simple beauty of ourselves, then it is natural to see that same beauty in everyone that we encounter. There is no separation. All hearts are the same. The capacity to feel love and to extend love becomes a natural, effortless sharing.

As always we begin with a great dance to wonderful music, meetings and laughter. Then we move into guided structures and the deeper element of the class



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