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1. Ipsalu Tantra: Fire Breath emotional release. 2. Ipsalu Tantra: Biodynamic breath ceremony 3. Ipsalu Tantra: Tantra Bliss Formula 1 and Formula 2

About the Facilitators

Katerina has completed the advance teacher training with Nayano Burdine the Edler teacher of Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga system, following Osho's red Tantra and Babaji's white Tantra teachings. She has the level 1 & 2 Cosmic Cobra Breath initiation which accelerated her healing of many deep traumas regarding sexuality, bringing awareness on how to effectively use her vital energy.


1. Ipsalu Tantra: Fire Breath emotional release.

Bioenergetic is the basis of this form of therapy is the relevance of the body's own energy to the emotional and psychological well-being of the person. In order to achieve emotional health, energy must be permitted to flow freely through the mind and the body. Bioenergetic analysis is built on the foundation that each person is one with his or her body and therefore,
all of the life events and experiences are in reality experiences of the body.

Breathing is a powerful tool to open and explore your energy. Through various techniques such as breath and pulsations you are encouraged to relax, release repressed emotions and body tensions, allowing the integration of previously unresolved issues.

You move through many different layers of your personality, creating a clear awareness and understanding of unconscious mind patterns. This technique can also bring you back to your birth, a traumatic experience locked in the unconscious, and even to experiences before birth. Reliving these events makes available incredible resources of energy and brings you
to a new -Yes- and deep trust towards life.


2. Ipsalu Tantra: Biodynamic breath ceremony

This deeply powerful ceremony will be a 2 hour journey where you will be guided into a higher state of consciousness using a circular breath – thus flooding the body with oxygen and allowing for any trapped emotions or traumas to rise to the surface, to complete expression or be cleared from your body. Leaving yourself feeling more whole and integrated.

We warm up and open the body through dance. This meditation begins with 60 minutes of guided breathing and energy circulation, accompanied by music. Followed by 15 minutes of silence. Breath work is best done on an empty stomach.


3. Ipsalu Tantra: Tantra Bliss Formula 1 & 2

There is a method, unique to Ipsalu Tantra, for attuning to Bliss. It is a formula that works in all circumstances, if you are willing to relax into it. It quickly brings groups of strangers into a loving blissful connection, as well as couples, especially when they combine the practice with their lovemaking. It brings an individual into Bliss at any time, in any place.

The Practice , taught to students includes some of the most powerful techniques in the world, drawn from several tantric traditions: Yogic, Taoist, Tibetan, Osho. With consistent practice, they can expand awareness into profoundly blissful states, quickly opening the body/mind to its highest potential. These practices promote healing, health, vitality, joy, peace, pleasure, deeper intimacy, consciousness and connections.

In both sessions will be presented different techniques and practices arranged into specific flow which balancing energies through transmutation opening hearts of participants.

Here is the essence of the formula to make the core of daily practice. This is the sequence that creates the magic: It can be summed up as the acronym ASATE, which stands for:

  • First: Activate energies in the body.
  • Second: Still the mind.
  • Third: Arouse sexual energy.
  • Fourth: Transmute passion.
  • Fifth: Enjoy the TantraBliss.


Ipsalu Tantra is rooted in Babaji Nagaraj's Tantric Kriya Yoga. Ipsalu is a time honored brand of tantra which offers a complete integrity, insightful practices and a consistent 3 level path. Very rarely Ipsalu is taught in Europe.
Ipsalu is a blend of Babaji Nagaraj's Tantric Kriya Yoga and Osho Rajneesh's body oriented, celebration of life. The rest of the Ipsalu system has come mostly from Taoist and Tibetan sources, and from lessons in the school of life. All together they produce a synthesis that works well in the unique energies of our time. This body of work is an accelerated path to higher consciousness. The techniques work on all levels of a person's life, strengthening the body, calming the emotions, enhancing the thought processes, leading to a balance that can open the door to spiritual awareness. It is a complete path that helps clear repressed emotional energy held in the body, open energy pathways, balance male/female energies, raiseemotional and spiritual maturity levels and safely awaken Kundalini. The key practice, the method for transmuting sexual energy, is the Cosmic Cobra Breath. This advanced and powerful method was given to us by Babaji and is the forth step of the Ipsalu Formula.

Ipsalu Tantra isn't just a practice. It is method of spiritual advancement as derived from a sophisticated lineage of yogic masters of the ancient world. These methods enable us to cultivate the energy of our bodies (physical, energetic), mind and soul, so we can blossom into our authentic natures. By doing so, we can more joyfully and skillfully engage in our contemporary world. By recognizing our power within the quantum field of love and light, and the influences we can have within it, we can master positive change in our own lives and of the world.

Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga is a unique approach within the variety of Tantric paths, a system for safely activating your cosmic consciousness-Kundalini. "Ipsalu" means "going beyond desires." The ego mind believes having its desires fulfilled will bring happiness but that is seldom true. The Soul lives in bliss. By identifying more and more with your divine nature, you release your desires and discover who you truly are.



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