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1. Tantric Activism: Revolution and Romance
2. Awakening Deep Sexuality
3. Erotic Awakening & the Power of the Virgin
4. The Body as Prayer

Morning Meditation

  • Sexual Chakra Heaven and Earth Meditation

About the Facilitators

"Sexuality is not only what we do in bed, but our entire creative aliveness"

My early life was the catalyst for deep soul mining and birthed my dedication to the awakening of deep truth. Exploring and questioning the very foundations of what our current understanding of psychology and development put forward. The idea that we need parents, the real possibilities beyond trauma. An embodiment of what it takes to live a life beyond what we are taught or told.


1. Tantric Activism: Revolution and Romance

This workshop is an introduction to my work. I am a modern day Dakini, answering the call to bring Heaven on earth. The pure meaning of Tantra is to awaken. It's not just about a limited sexual expression. Tantric activism is the future of Tantra, for the digital age we live in. Where are the temples now? WE are the temples. It's not good enough for Tantra to be an isolated subject that we learn about at the weekends, but a living Tantra that can become a blueprint for how we live. The key to this blueprint is an emphasis on non-duality as a way of living/being, anchored in the heart of a deep spiritual knowing/becoming.


2.Awakening Deep Sexuality

The three levels of sex. If you are at this festival, you are probably curious about your sexual expression? How well do you know your sexual self? Discover, explore and embody your inner sexual characters; are they from Game of Thrones…or Romeo and Juliet? From the sub-conscious to deep sexuality and the edges of your spiritual longing. With a Transpersonal transformative journey into a part of you that is ready to be known. Come and explore!


3. Erotic Awakening & the Power of the Virgin

It’s never too late to be a virgin! Don’t believe me? Come and discover for yourself, in this transformative Tantric ritual and awakening process, designed to re-set your relationship to your sexual energy and ways you use it. This process has the power to completely change your life!

Awakening the qualities of the virgin, gives you a fresh way of being, where life becomes a celebration, with an ability to be new in your relationships (both with yourself or with a partner - no matter how long you’ve been together) and in all of life, seeing the world with fresh eyes.

There are few rites of passage in our culture to celebrate our awakening sexuality, so not only do we end up creating false beliefs about sex that underpin our relationship with life and eros, but how our sexual energy moves in our genitals and body become set as a patterned response that runs on autopilot. NOW is the time to change that!

We tend to think that we ‘lose’ our innocence and purity, but the deeper truth is that these transpersonal qualities are available to us, right now …

The possibilities of what can open for you from this process are endless, but include…

  • Discovering beliefs and attitudes that hold you back sexually
  • Claim a ‘rite of passage’ in your nakedness and eros, no matter what your age!
  • Discover NEW pathways to erotic pleasure
  • Clear layers of sexual guilt and shame
  • Loosen your need to control life and relationships
  • Awaken to a deeper truth of eros, the Transpersonal sexual body
  • Awaken the soulmate within
  • Come into a fuller sexual awakening than you’ve known previously
  • Dropping deeply into the space of the virgin, one that includes your eros
  • Exploring your inner erotic energy with a witnessing, loving presence
  • Mindful self-pleasuring


This is a very specific process, and you will be assigned (by me) to a triad (you can also come already as a three, or if you are in a partnership, you can come as a couple and I will assign a third). With ritual, and guided somatic Tantric practices, that invite a dropping deeply into your body and energy.


"This was a beautiful experience. It gave me a clearer realisation as to how little my sexuality was celebrated, it was more assumed, but to be ignored because the only recognised expressions of sexuality was in “being a man” in the sense of not showing feelings and being tough, or masturbating. The He-man toughness terrified me and the second was jeered at and regarded as smutty although we all did it. Exploring my body in this exercise I "discovered" my chest hair and the memory that as a 16 yr old [ before I had body hair,] thinking I wasn't man enough to have a hairy chest, when the reality is that it is a fairly late secondary sexual characteristic.. in the exercise I realised that this was the heart area of my body and it led to a sense of my man’s heart which was not given real space and recognition in adolescence. Doing it as a trio with two women, one of whom was my partner, was wonderfully endorsing and affirming, especially as we had all felt our sexuality ignored or squashed as adolescents." Nat

"For me, the workshop gave me the chance to talk about personal events that I had never shared with anybody else. As a result, I now feel more open and I thank you for holding the space." This participant had a profound kundalini awakening at the end of the process.

“A transformative experience indeed. Felt so empowered I went back home in my sarong :P Thank you Kimaya for creating such a beautiful safe space.” Surya

I love what my assistant,  Dhyanesh, said to me during this process at a festival, "I've seen some things in my time, but NEVER anything like this...I feel like I am witnessing Gods and Goddesses in the Heavens". This gives a sense of the purity of the eros being birthed. 

A testimonial from Turiya, who took part in this process recently...

"This workshop was a surprise that I hadn't looked for, but it turned into a delight that I now cherish. The title has only meant something to me now, as I sit down to write some feedback about my experience of the process.

My invitation to take part in the workshop came from a surprise source. I started that particular day with a conscious longing to be "wanted." A short while later, a woman I barely knew asked if I'd like to join her and her husband, to participate in whatever unknown experience was on offer. With a little nervous hesitation, I accepted their offer gladly as they directly met my expressed desire for the day, to be wanted.

The details become a little blurred after that - besides the moments of Erotic Devotion. Without wanting to give too much away...I experienced a profound time of slow and delicious erotic devotion within my threesome. And in the midst of that, I broke through an old wound that used to be tied up in a pretty erotic fantasy I had, and as it played out, I saw something that restored me to a place of childhood innocence that over-flowed with a burst of laughter. I can't fully explain how, but the piece of my personal puzzle that was touched in that moment, restored a part of my virgin self that in her innocence, had been lost in shame for many years. Thank you Kimaya x"


4. The Body as Prayer

Practices for Awakening the Transpersonal Sexual Body. I believe that the purpose of mystical discipline is to embody the light. a radical embodiment of divine presence, direct spiritual knowing and a deep sexuality, flowing into your unique evolutionary expression, and an awakening love (or Truth) for the life that you are.

A multi-dimensional marriage between the body and mystical practice, opening the subtle bodies within and beyond, through subtle movement, ancient and modern Tantric practice. Inner prayer, and deep meditations , the cosmic body becomes our body.

When sexual energy moves all the way through the body into the crown, it is as if we open to the interstellar dimensions of our existence. We start to experience, with our higher senses, all of creation, bursting with light and energy. There is a quality of bliss in this experience that is hard to describe. It is a very embodied experience though. It is fully felt in the body, just that our sense of our bodies expand. Many spiritual traditions aim to develop our crown chakra without grounding this energy through the body. Without higher consciousness coming all the way into the body, no real evolution will happen. For sexual energy to fully awaken in us, it needs to come up all the way through the body. Each chakra centre is vital to this unfolding, and no centre is more important than any other.

During this workshop, it is possible to make a profound and ecstatic contact with Divine Eros - a tender passionate dynamic love-connection. Pure Tantric sexuality gives its practitioners access to extraordinary and unified energies which can form the basis of a commitment to Tantric Activism, or anything else that you choose!

The higher our erotic vibration, the more connection we feel with everything and everyone. In ordinary reality we experience ourselves as our bodies and our stories. We tend to live in our heads and outside our bodies. But there is another way. The Body as Prayer.



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