Shachar Caspi


1. Beyond the eyes
2. Sacred Man Circle
3. Cacao Ceremony - The four elements
4. Relationship Therapy - A new beginning

About the Facilitators

A teacher of sacred sexuality, daka and guide for esoteric exploration and meditation, Shachar was trained around the world with ISTA (International Schools of TempleArts). He founded the organisation "Less is More" which teaches businesses and organisations how to streamline thought processes and increase focus and productivity.

Following 7 years as a team commander in the Israeli Air Force Commando Unit, Shachar went on to create a coffee chain in the Balkans.


1.Beyond the eyes

In the world we live in we see and choose through our eyes. We believe our eyes and we forget that we are energy beings. In this workshop we will discover our energy body. We will experience that when we close our physical eyes we open the Inner eyes of attention within us. We will experience deep trust even when we do not know who is next to us.

  • Do you trust your energy and Intuition ?
  • Here we will discover the field beyond the limitations of our personality.
  • This workshop is for advanced practitioners.


2. Sacred Man Circle

What is Brotherhood ?  Many years ago man were living together. seating and sharing in a round table. Meeting their masculine energy in the field. They knew they are safe cause their brother is covering their back. Today... Things changed. We are still exploring what it is to be a man in this world ?

Here we will meet around the sacred fire. we will go deep into our brotherhood. we will discover that together we are one. we will come out of this circle closer and more connected to our essence as man treading this path in life.


3. Cacao Ceremony - The four elements

This sacred ceremony is working with the Cacao medicine from Peru & Guatemala.

In this ceremony we will dive into our Intention. Understand how to flow with the sacred Cacao ceremony and go into a deep meditative state. In the second part of the ceremony we will go into movement and allow our energy body to vibrate. We will explore the different ways of touch by the elements and surrender into pleasure and joy.

This ceremony is limited for 60 persons and it is recommended not to eat two hours before the ceremony and drink at least half a litter of water in the hour before we begin.


4. Relationship Therapy - A new beginning

  • We came into this world under the understanding that we need to live in a couple. Yet... no one gave us the teachings on how exactly to do that.
  • Most of the time we create unconscious agreements within our relationships. Fear, Guilt, Victim, Savior are only a part of our experience in our relationships.
  • How can we be sexy beings in a long term relationship ?
  • How can we live in Freedom & Power in our relationship ?
  • Where do we lose our power in our relationships ?

This workshop is suitable for beginners



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