Rupert Alison


1. The Wheel of Consent
2. The School of Being - Honouring Ritual
3. Ecstatic Dance

About the Facilitators

Rupert’s passion is to create profound, healing and playful spaces for meeting self and other using tantra, conscious kink, and ecstatic dance.

He has been holding sacred space for groups since 1992, when he qualified as a yoga and meditation teacher and taught classes to prisoners, university students, and the general public. Since then he has assisted and studied in depth with many fantastic teachers including Barbara Carellas, Gabrielle Roth, Dossie Easton, Jewels Wingfield, Lee Harrington and Jan Day.


On the face of it, consent should be simple. Yes means yes, and no means no. However, sometimes we struggle to communicate our boundaries precisely, or find the right language to create the experiences and connections we long for.  In this workshop we explore Betty Martin's ground-breaking 'Wheel of Consent', in which participants can experience each of its four quadrants: Giving, Receiving, Taking, Allowing.   We discover which of them feel comfortable and which feel unfamiliar, and also look at the shadows which can arise if they are not consciously owned. The Wheel enables us to clarify our intentions and desires as well as shining a light on our blind-spots, so that we can create connections with others which are more authentic, profound, intimate and enjoyable.

This workshop is suitable for everyone.


2. The School of Being - Honouring Ritual

We will create a ritual in which each participant is invited to be seen, held, celebrated and honoured as the unique and 'perfectly imperfect' being they are.  This can feel like an experience of receiving unconditional love, which many of us so deeply long for. We will begin with some simple structures to find our way into connection with ourselves and each other, before moving into a ritual space in which you will be honoured by two or more servers.  We will not use specific techniques - rather, everything is about our intention, to serve and be served, to the fullest of our abilities.  You will be supported to remain fully in consent at all times.

 This workshop is not suitable for complete beginners.


3. Ecstatic Dance

This is an invitation to celebrate in movement ourselves, each other, and the sacred earth which holds us all. There are no steps to get right - the experience of our dance is about being, rather than doing. You are invited into the freedom of wearing as much or as little clothing as feels right for you in each moment of the dance.  In the dropping of physical layers of clothing, we also hold space for you to drop the coverings and masks we often hide behind in everyday life.  This will be a ritual space, with an opening circle followed by some grounding movement meditations.  We then release into the full freedom of our dance, letting the wisdom of the body guide us as the beat takes over, celebrating in movement ourselves, our bodies, our sacred impulses, and our aliveness, just as we are; in all our raw, vulnerable, empowered truth.  Body paints will also be available for those who wish to get creative with colour!  Know that you are welcome in your entirety: your shyness, your sexiness, your innocence, your raw animal self, your divine spirit - all of you is welcome here.

This workshop is suitable for everyone.



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