Wojtek Pęczek

Wojtek Pęczek, by profession and by vocation a multi-instrumentalist musician, artist, socio-cultural animator, began his adventure with ethnic percussion instruments in 1998 in Ireland under the tutelage of Brendan Perry, member of the legendary band Dead Can Dance. He continued studing West African drumming art alongside the world champion of Djembe, Mamady Keita from Guinea.

In the spring of 2003 he founded in Lodz the first drum school in Poland, "City Bum Bum", which quickly became renowned and began to attract people from all over the country. City Bum Bum runs workshops across the Europe. Wojtek has for years travelled annually to West Africa in order to explore the culture and art of the people of the Malinke people and to run a charity " Fissadou Project" conceived to help the villages of the region Hamanah in Guinea. In the winter of 2007, the elders of the Fissadou village awarded Wojtek with the title of The Son of the Village and gave him an African name: Mamady Keita. Wojtek is a team leader of City Bum Bum, an outstanding band performing the traditional music, dance and singing from West Africa


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