David Goodman

What is Biodanza?

Biodanza is a shamanic journey of personal transformation, set in a landscape of intense, joyful emotion, dance and movement. It is easy to follow. There are not steps to learn. You only need a willingness to move your body and enter into connection with the music.

We begin simply with meeting, connecting with the group, using fun games to unwind, to let go and get to know each other. We move deeper into dance, feeling the passion of movement as an individual and as a shared experience. From that place we go yet deeper with structures of encounter and connection to heal, explore and express.

Biodanza is about experiencing moments in time that are exceptional. It creates heightened states of joy, euphoria and bliss. It is about movement of the emotion, as much as movement of the body. There is the opportunity to feel and express a whole range of emotions, from your passion and sensuality, to your tremendous capacity to care and love.

Through effortless connection in a group dynamic we expand our sense of humanity. There is the opportunity to bond on a level of deep friendship and affection. You fall into the greater energy of the group. Your capacity to love and receive love grows.



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