ON 30TH JUNE – 8TH JULY 2017

Additional Events / Concerts

Rupert Alison

Our ecstatic dance workshops are an invitation to welcome us back into the body – to celebrate in movement ourselves, each other, and the earth which holds us all. There are no steps to get right - the experience is about being, rather than doing. Our dance sessions take the form of a ritual, in which we gather together as tribe to call in that which we wish to dance with and through, and surrender to the wisdom of the body, as the beat takes over.

Shachar Caspi

This sacred ceremony is working with the Cacao medicine from Peru & Guatemala. In this ceremony we will dive into our Intention. Understand how to flow with the sacred Cacao ceremony and go into a deep meditative state. In the second part of the ceremony we will go into movement and allow our energy body to vibrate.

Anna Faber

A real Sorceress of the Harp, she will take us into the world of her musical inspirations, covering different types of music from classical through Celtic and Scottish, touching on jazz standards, romantic ballads, reaching up to New Age music. She plays her own original music on the harp - an instrument endowed with relaxing and healing powers. She was awarded by the Minister of Education and Higher Education for outstanding achievements in her field. She appears on stage in the country and across Europe, both in solo recitals and with her band.

Riccardo  Ferrara

Riccardo Ferrara is a musician, composer and artist from Italy, Napoli. He was initiated in music since he was child, receiving formation, experiences and knowledge during the years from different masters and musical projects, and he is still today on working, studying and discovering the beauty and magic of music and sounds.

From modern music, to classical, oriental to western, experimental to pop, with big and little concerts, recording studios work, meetings with artists, dancers, rockers, shamans and healers; his colorful experiences formed his music, person and work that he offers as a service, through concerts, sessions and workshops: music as a way to recall our inner naturality, music as channel of truth and beautiness.


During the ceremony Freya will guide through healing shamanic journey into the depths of your own being, we will gather  in a safe circle space for a wonderful heart expanding experience. By drinking sacred Cacao we will relax, connecting deeper to our body, soul and to the Earth, so that we may love and accept ourselves and others, without limits, judgments or attachments. 


Cacao ceremony is a sacred time and space for ourselves in this busy and stressful world, it's time to detach from the chaos outside and dive into the silence within, to feel the energy of the heart, discover the subtle powers of Ixcacao, the Goddess of fertility and love, inviting us to connect with our true nature, which is pure joy, spontaneity, energy and love.

David Goodman

What is Biodanza?

Biodanza is a shamanic journey of personal transformation, set in a landscape of intense, joyful emotion, dance and movement. It is easy to follow. There are not steps to learn. You only need a willingness to move your body and enter into connection with the music.

We begin simply with meeting, connecting with the group, using fun games to unwind, to let go and get to know each other. We move deeper into dance, feeling the passion of movement as an individual and as a shared experience. From that place we go yet deeper with structures of encounter and connection to heal, explore and express.

Biodanza is about experiencing moments in time that are exceptional. It creates heightened states of joy, euphoria and bliss. It is about movement of the emotion, as much as movement of the body. There is the opportunity to feel and express a whole range of emotions, from your passion and sensuality, to your tremendous capacity to care and love.

Through effortless connection in a group dynamic we expand our sense of humanity. There is the opportunity to bond on a level of deep friendship and affection. You fall into the greater energy of the group. Your capacity to love and receive love grows.


Wojtek Pęczek

Wojtek Pęczek, by profession and by vocation a multi-instrumentalist musician, artist, socio-cultural animator, began his adventure with ethnic percussion instruments in 1998 in Ireland under the tutelage of Brendan Perry, member of the legendary band Dead Can Dance. He continued studing West African drumming art alongside the world champion of Djembe, Mamady Keita from Guinea.

In the spring of 2003 he founded in Lodz the first drum school in Poland, "City Bum Bum", which quickly became renowned and began to attract people from all over the country. City Bum Bum runs workshops across the Europe. Wojtek has for years travelled annually to West Africa in order to explore the culture and art of the people of the Malinke people and to run a charity " Fissadou Project" conceived to help the villages of the region Hamanah in Guinea. In the winter of 2007, the elders of the Fissadou village awarded Wojtek with the title of The Son of the Village and gave him an African name: Mamady Keita. Wojtek is a team leader of City Bum Bum, an outstanding band performing the traditional music, dance and singing from West Africa


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