8-16th of AUGUST 2015


  1. The organizer of  the Festival is the Centre of Personal Development ?Here and Now? (Nowe Kawkowo 52 A, gmina Jonkowo 11-042) represented by Maja Wołosiewicz Towalska and Jacek Towalski.
  2. These regulations are valid from 08.08.2015 to 16.08.2015 in the area of the Centre.
  3. The classes take  place simultaneously  in 3 locations within 300 meters from the Centre.
  4. Toll-free, unguarded car park (parking lot) is at the participants' disposal
  5. The organizer is not responsible for the vehicles and belongings left in the vehicles.
  6. Due to the presence of our animals in the area of the Centre the participants are not allowed to bring their own animals (pets).
  7. Due to the formula of the Festival, please do not bring your own alcoholic beverages.
  8. In the area of the Festival smoking is permitted  only in designated areas.
  9. For safety reasons, the participants are not allowed to prepare their own hot meals (gas cylinders and bonfires are forbidden)
  10. Due to the location of the Centre in the forest, danger of fire and strict fire regulations, making bonfires is forbidden in the area of the Festival.
  11. The campsite is equipped with toilets and showers with hot and cold water.
  12. Mobile phones reception in and around the Centre: T-Mobile- very good, other operators ? poor reception.
  13. Charging phones, etc. is possible at the information point.
  14. Wireless Internet (hot-spot)  is available in the main building of the Centre.
  15. Festival area is located about 2 km from the nearest shop.
  16. Festival, meeting, experience is a feast, and we want to celebrate it with an unusual, festive attire. We suggest that you bring unusual, creative and comfortable clothes.
  17. Only adults are allowed to participate in the festival.
  18. The participants of the festival take full responsibility for their physical and   mental condition during the festival.
  19. People in the psychiatric treatment and those who recently suffered from an emotional crisis or severe depression should consult a doctor or psychotherapist before taking part in the workshops.
  20. The organizers are not responsible for any negative consequences of non-compliance with the above regulations.
  21. Everybody takes responsibility for their  choice of the workshops and well-being during the festival.
  22. You are also responsible for your behaviour towards other participants of the festival. We expect you to be honest and respect other participants, organizers, and teachers.
  23. While enrolling for the Festival, you will be required to accept the Terms and Regulations of the Women?s Festival.
  24. If you come with a partner, you are expected to book a double room or a place for a tent to have the privacy to exercise. But if you want to sleep in a shared space, remember that it is intended for relaxation and sleep only.
  25. During the festival, we create a safe space to explore yourself and your approach to love, relationships, sexuality and spirituality. Some of the workshops may deal with nudity and intimate touch but every time we support you in respecting your personal boundaries, in saying "No". You can always stay in  clothes and refuse to take part in exercises which make you feel uncomfortable!
  26. By applying for the participation in the Festival you accept the Terms and Conditions of this Festival.


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