John Hawken

John Hawken


I. Bioenergetics: Path of Energy (beginners)

II. Energy and Consciousness (advanced)

III. Dark Eros (beginners)

IV. Tantric initiations (advanced)


I. Spiral Ritual

II. Sweat Lodge

WORKSHOP I: Bioenergetics: Path of Energy

How we embody and express our energy makes our psyche and our patterns of reactions to life visible. We hold in our bodies the energy we dared not express when we were vulnerable children, both as a tension in the muscles and as a charge of energy in the organs and connective tissue. This fixed form of expression and defence is called our character. It is our social, adapted self, and blocks and represses our spontaneous flow of life energy, our wildness, including large amounts of our sexuality and creativity.

The energy path, inspired by the work of Wilhelm Reich and the therapy developed by his students, such as bioenergetics and biodynamic psychology and massage, seeks to release old trauma, habits, and unconscious defensive attitudes and to liberate our life energy for aliveness, pleasure, and for self-actualization. It seeks to change the base of our existence from an attitude based on fear and unconsciousness to a mindfulness of our choices and an ability to express ourselves from our heart, our sex and our spirit. It includes an analysis of our own character and patterns, which we respect as a necessity for survival, an understanding of the biographical causes of our stuckness and limitations, and strategies for healing our trauma and our fears, and to find freedom of expression and creativity as an autonomous human being.

The ability to read the energy and character of others and know how to support their energy will be taught, as well as an understanding of energy movements such as contraction and expansion, penetration and enfolding, density and diffusion. As such it is an invaluable training both for oneself and as a professional resource for those working energetically with others.

WORKSHOP II: Energy and Consciousness (advanced)

We will experience how we are not each of us an island, but part of the ocean of life itself. We wil lean how to channel energy through us to be a channel between heaven and earth, spirit and manifestation. We will explore the tantric alchemy of focussing our consciousness to create the forms of energy that serve our sacred dream and our soul purpose. We will cultivate the energy body as a means to perceive directly the energy level of life and participate in the mysteries of love, sex, relationship, spirit and connection. We will step into our task as sacred humans to be guardians and celebrants of life on this planet.


Dark Eros: transformation of fear, guilt, shame and anger.

Dark Eros is a term to describe sexuality which is connected with our first chakra rather than with the second; sexuality that arises from existential issues rather than from pure pleasure, love and contact. The existential themes, whether they are about power (over or under), about anger and revenge, about guilt and shame, or carry issues of self worth and empowerment, colour the sexual energy with a touch of darkness. This is because the issues are usually unconscious, or perhaps obsessive, or have an energy that threatens to break out of our conscious control. This is not the element of ego, of performance or narcissism, but more the dark visceral movements of energy deep in our gut.

This workshop shows how to heal and transform these existential issues through Tantric techniques of releasing and expressing energy, of raising consciousness, creating heartfullness and affirming the life-enhancing nature of pleasure.

The existential issues arise out of the repression of our sexual energy during the pre-genital stages, particularly oral and anal, of our sexual development. When rejected, our excitement becomes collapse and resignation; when controlled it becomes guilt, fear and the feeling of being a bad person, which unconsciously links our excitement with subjection to an authority?s power, to punishment and suffering. This is particularly the case if we have been brought up in a moral or religious environment which is unaccepting of our sexual pleasure, for example the Catholic Church?s attitude to self-pleasuring as ?self-abuse?.

In our relationships we then tend to express power and control by punishing our partner through the withdrawal of our love. This creates a wounding and a fear which will come back to us, as they will at one point do the same to us. This creates a slowly-widening distance between relationship partners which little by little becomes an unhealable split. Dark Eros techniques teach us to keep a relationship energetically healthy and loving by transforming anger and hurt through the conscious giving of ourselves in a physical and energetically intense way, which allows the transformation of anger into erotic contact.

John Hawken will introduce a practical and theoretical approach to transform these existential issues back into pure pleasure and life energy with powerful healing and liberating effect.

The steps include:

  • Accepting and embracing the dark impulses and energies and see them with a different consciousness.
  • Choosing to be in physical contact rather than psychological distance
  • Calling in heart energy to reverse the movement towards contactlessness and violence.
  • Choosing the pleasure of contact and reconciliation rather than the moral pleasure of being right.
  • By choosing the contact and the pleasure creating love and beauty instead of violence and suffering.
  • Realizing it is more spiritual to experience intensity in the form of pleasure instead of the form of pain and suffering.
  • Experiencing the sexual energy as opening the gateway to sacred intimacy
  • And finally the feeling of arriving, of coming home.

At first it may seem perverse to take pleasure openly in power or in punishment. But the perversion is in the repression and taboo that leads to the original sublimation of sexual excitement into the more socially acceptable energy forms of power or morality. As the pleasure is admitted and allowed, the violence falls away and innocence is regained.

Dark Eros (into Light)

Cupid isn't only light. This week invites us to explore sexual expression that is consciously transgressive, and to investigate the particular flavour and juiciness of forbidden fruit.

Do you feel a longing for intensity in your sexual experiences?  Does guilt or shame overshadow your sexual enjoyment? Do you experience fear or paralysis when a situation turns sexual? Dark Eros is a space where you:

  • Explore ?1st chakra? sexuality ? accepting, embracing, and transforming dark impulses and energies
  • Explore the anal phase of sexual development: ?Here I am? in the world (which can be frustrated by parental control, either violent or withdrawing).
  • Explore your control over ?receiving? higher amounts of energy applied to the body
  • Learn to increase your energy so as to increase your pleasure potential with more intense forms of contact
  • Release feelings of anger and rage
  • Heal guilt and shame regarding your sexual feelings and needs
  • Explore your wildness in safe, playful ways
  • Surrender to the visible flow of ecstatic sexual energy through your body

Suitable for you if you:

  • Wish to expand your erotic potential or enjoyment
  • Feel attracted to playing with power over and power under (giving and receiving intensity)
  • Wish to transform fear into pleasure, guilt and shame into excitement

Both guilt and shame are perverted forms of sexual excitement. This excitement robbed of its innocence and turned in against itself is a self-destructive urge that, strangely, our society finds more acceptable than positive pleasure in being alive in a sensual body.


Sweat loge

A purification ceremony using the four elements. The fire brings us purification and inspiration. Opposite is built the lodge which represents the womb of Grandmother Earth. We enter her womb as humble and naked as we emerged from the wombs of our mothers. The energy of the fire is held by the stones that were heated on it, and thus transported into the dark womb. Water is poured on the stones to release the energy, and we receive it by breathing in the hot steam. We pray for healing for the planet and for those we love. We pray for healing for our bodies and our emotions. Finally we ask for a vision to inspire us on our paath through life towards our sacred dream. The sweat lodge is a powerful magical ceremony for transformation and expansion into more awareness of spirit.

Spiral Ritual

A seven circle spiral is laid out on the land with white stones. As the group sings and drums we walk one at a time into the centre of the spiral, letting go on the way whatever we need to let go of. We feel the power of emptiness at the centre and bow to the east, opening ourselves to spirit. As we follow the spiral back out we are filled with energy and aliveness. Our walking becomes a personal dance of celebration.


John took a first at Cambridge, studied experimental theatre with Grotowski at the Theatre Laboratory, and taught drama before training as a humanistic psychotherapist specializing in energy and bodywork, with a private practice in Germany for ten years. He studied tantra with Margot Anand and shamanism with Arwyn Dreamwalker, and became a licensed SkyDancing teacher and director of the SkyDancing Institute UK which was replaced in 2009 by The Tantric Path to honour the amount of original structures and teachings in John?s work.

He has taught tantra for 20 years, has created and taught the SkyDancing Couples Training in Germany and the UK, and the singles training Sacred Body Passionate Spirit in the UK and the Czech Republic.


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