The Treasures Hidden in the Dark

To be deeply at home in yourself sometimes we need to encounter some demons.

Usually we don’t want to meet the parts in ourselves that is sexual, confused, in need, in rage, depressed. We tend to put them into the shadow compartment. There is a great wisdom and lots of energy bound to those disowned parts of ourselves.

This usually happen as a combination of physical, energetic, emotional and mental levels, and it is all interconnected. In our modern world we are constantly carrying tensions that we don’t need and rarely can relax and let go into sensing, feeling and fully experiencing life inside and outside ourselves.

Accumulation of tensions in our body and psyche creates symptoms in every area of our lives. It plays a fundamental role on how a woman enters intimacy and relationships, how she gets in touch with sexuality, experience herself as a sensuous being and her capacity to be orgasmic, which is directly related to her ability to feel herself, to relax into the present moment and to let go.

There is a lot of life energy bound in these places of tensions, and on top we spend a lot of energy to hide and hold them together. Once we deliberately go there, bring the torch of our consciousness, breath into it, give a voice, dance and open these places with care and respect, a lot of our life force become free and available.

Mostly there are good reasons why we have contract our bodies and hearts and put certain parts of ourselves in the shadow, therefore we need deep caring and safe spaces to gently open those places and unfold ourselves into the natural flowing being that we are.

When we take the light of our awareness in connection with the support from a loving environment, and consciously move towards the places in ourselves that we tend to judge and avoid, what we find is a treasure hidden in the dark, deeply rewarding, refreshing and liberating.


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