Odessa 2011 – Interview with Komala Sunder Amorim in Odessa, [txt]

What reasons usually brought woman to the Women’s group? What do they expect?

Usually they come looking for clarity to her life’s issues around relationship with man, with herself as a woman, with her body, with her conflicts between work and relaxation. Ultimately they are looking for self-understanding and for real connection.

And what do they get from Women’s group at the end?

I believe every woman gets a much closer connection with the being woman and therefore closeness and respect to herself and to other woman, which is the base for her further movement in herself and in her relationships once she go out of the group.

How the life of woman can change after the Women’s group?

The group is about getting in touch with her body and her heart, as well as with understanding her inner masculine and feminine dynamics and finding ways to balance these polarities, that they can support each other. By seeing and working with these dynamics inside herself she can easier understand the manifestation of it outside when they meet other man as well as other women.

What females qualities are most of all distorted in modern woman and why?

There are distortions in all levels: her sense of strength, connection with her body, beauty, power, love and intelligence.  The modern woman have lost touch with her cyclic, intuitive nature, and I believe all the distortions comes from losing contact with her basic energies.

In the time of the Goddesses, the Light and the Dark aspects of the feminine principle were worshiped. Women were in touch with her dark, transformative nature that is inspiring and ecstatic as well as with their light nurturing aspects.

With the patriarchal time, women surrendered their “dark” side to man, maybe out of desire for protection and security.  Her nurturing side became overemphasized and her joyful sharing of love becomes a duty, a role they have to play, and her natural giving becomes an effort and mothers become overprotective and controlling.

The repression of a woman’s wild nature creates frustration, depression and sickness, in their bodies and soul. For a woman to reconnect with her real softness and her heart she must come back to her roots and re-experience her wild nature.

What does it mean to be a strong woman? It seems there is a lot of misunderstanding around that?

As I see, a strong woman is in touch with her body, her feelings and her energy, therefore she is able to respond to the moment in a clear way, without games.

What it means to be in harmony relationships?

Relationships are a pathway to understanding oneself. It doesn’t mean it must be always harmonious. I had very difficult relationships that had great teachings in them. The basic principle is my love for truth and my longing to be real, then relationship, in its multidimensional ways, is part of my path towards self-growth. Relationship is not the premium to get at the end of the journey for having done all correct. I have understood that if I put relationship as priority or as a goal in my life it is bound to fail is some way. I may even have a relationship that works, somehow, but it won’t be satisfying.

Paradoxically, it seems that, once relationship is not the main goal, the people involved in it relaxes and can support each other. A harmonious relationship is when people support each other’s self-growth, to be more real and more loving.

Are there some typical mistakes or wrong believes that prevents woman from having harmony relationships?

A believe that is in the way is about the “dream partner” that will come someday to fulfill her needs and make her happy.

In what ways Women’s group can help woman to feel happy and to build beautiful relationships?

The idea of a Woman’s group is to support a woman to fall in love with herself and with her being. Beautiful relationships are based in each part loving and respect themselves, which is the base to love and respect another.

What it means for woman to be free, what means freedom for woman? Does it mean to stay alone or to be independent from men?

Freedom means she is content being with herself, sensing her energy flowing through her body and her connection with life all around herself, and she is also content to share her gifts with the world, in the form of a man, a child, her work, or whatever she chooses to manifest creatively in her life.

When woman fall in love she usually is ready to sacrifice a lot for her love. Is it right to sacrifice in the name of love?

I believe anything is right as long it is in tune with the laws of existence. There is great beauty in surrendering completely. To “fall in love” is part of a woman’s nature. Because there is such a deep longing to “love” in a woman, many times that quality is limited to falling in love with a man (also because of the distorted ideas about love that we are conditioned by through our culture, movies, music, etc). Nothing wrong with surrendering to a man, but what is important to understand is that it is not about that specific man, it is about recognizing and honoring a woman’s heart ability to love and to surrender. In that case a woman may fall in love with her purpose in life, to a master, or to life itself.

As far as I know now Women’s group is your favorite piece of work, why?

It is a very relaxing, ecstatic, playful, sensuous and esthetic space. My woman feels at home and I don’t need to do anything, just give space and allow things to happen naturally.


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