The Temple of All Faiths is situated on a little hill under an oak tree. It is constructed as a roofed hexagon with open sides. An emblem placed on each side represents a different religion or spiritual system, namely Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Non-Duality (comprising various nonreligious systems of deep spirituality). We can enter the Temple from each side; this way we endeavour to convey the equality of all religions and the tolerance for different religious approaches.

Our Centre is the place that respects and honours religious and spiritual differences, approaches and convictions. We do not propose The Only Right Way, because we believe that various ways lead to the same One Source ? it does not matter how it is named and through which system of experiences, spirituality or religion it is expressed.

Our mission is to create a Place where ? in mutual respect and in peace ? people of different spiritual paths can pray and meditate together, exchange their insights and experience their differences.

A variety of religious ceremonies from different faiths have taken place in the Temple ? the Tibetan puja performed by Tibetan monks from an Indian monastery, Indian puja performed by Vedic Brahmin, Lakszman Kandela; and, on a more regular basis, the ceremony of burning Agnihotra. We meet daily in silence at the evening meditation or contemplation. Without words, hymns or symbols, each of us in their own language and faith prays to ? we trust ? the same God.

Open meetings  of Sufism in 2011 were held  in The Temple of all Faiths by  Shaykh Hazrat Hamid Hasan from India and Andrew Saramonowicz.

Our ideas underlie the words of many Significant Masters:

"There is only one God, but it has  innumerable names. There are innumerable points of view from which He can be considered. Call Him what you wish, worship him in the form that corresponds to you most - and you will definitely find Him. "

?Rather than convert people from one organized religion to another organized religion, we should convert them from misery to happiness, from bondage to liberation .. "" Let's focus on what unites all religions, at their common core, which is purity of  heart. Everyone should pay the greatest attention to this aspect of religion and seek to avoid conflicts on the external forms of religion - the various ceremonies, rituals, festivals and dogmas. "


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